Rethinking the Scientific Ecosystem

The Open Science Network is a shared open protocol on the blockchain where researchers, universities, companies with R&D; budgets and government institutions can interact effectively with lower barriers to entry and reduced friction in each step of the process.

Distributed Funding

The OSN will support an ecosystem of funding methods that can follow whatever distribution, prerequisites and other rules the creator sees fit. By having a permanent record of all interactions past and present within the blockchain, distribution of funds can be instant, global and granular, depending on the choices made by the funding entity.

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Research Distribution

Everything will be publishable without a pre-approval process beyond basic validation to prevent network spam. All research that scientists consider ready for the world will exist in a continuum state instead of the binary unpublished/published state of the current ecosystem. Research verification will help determine valuable findings, but everything will be open and available by default.

Massively Open Collaboration

With the blockchain used as a ledger to keep perfect track of everyone’s contributions, it is far simpler to distribute academic credit or revenue from possible patents and commercial applications after a piece of research is complete. Scientists from around the world will be free to cooperate in solving problems in a way that has never before been possible.

Research Verifiability

Perpetual peer review and research reproducibility are built into the protocol. Part of the network’s revenue (from patents, applied technology and donations) will be used to create a reproducibility fund. The objective will be to subsidize reproductions of important papers with fund allocations voted on by the network through our governance token.

Research Applications

Research can be patented or licensed to companies, keep track of IP on the blockchain and give dividends to token holders, researchers, investors, etc.


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